LunchClub. Have you tried it? I’ve had 23 meetings with somewhat random people set up by LinkedIn in the past 2 months since it began. I’m sure it’s possible to match with someone and have something cool come of it. And.. I’d much rather be doing this with people in…

Virginia Election 2021 — Singalong!

Howdy from Oregon where we have rain today.

As I’ve sought some way I could contribute to this year’s election in Virginia I’m repeating an effort I did regarding the Georgia elections. I’ve asked musical friends to supply songs about Virginia which I’ve compiled into a couple of newsletters and sent those out with ideas about how to find your connections in Virginia and encourage them to vote! Here are rounds 1, 2, and a playlist of the songs. If you have songs I’ve missed, please leave them in the comments section with a link, if possible.

Thank you — and here’s to a big win for Democrats in Virginia this November.

Virginia 1. free to subscribe for future rounds
Virginia 2
Virginia Songs Playlist:

Originally published at on October 23, 2021.

Albert Kaufman

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